BioSol… A Thousand and One Uses!


    Item # 3010 16 oz
    BIOSOL is an emulsifier, which allows Tea Tree Oil to mix with water.

The oils from the Australian Tea Tree [Melaleuca Alternifolia] possess these qualities:

  • It is a natural ANTISEPTIC.
  • It is an extremely effective FUNGICIDE.
  • It has an unusual ability to PENETRATE.
  • Insect Repellent
    What a great non-toxic alternative to that sticky poison stuff! BIOSOL diluted 5:1 with water will safely keep those pesky insects off of you. Keep the aphids off of your roses too!

  • Speaking of Bugs
    Try using diluted BIOSOL in the garden, on your houseplants and on your pets. Tea Tree Oil is super for backing out a tick, getting rid of lice, taking care of ringworm and plenty of other maladies. Try using BioGreen shampoo on your horses and dogs for pets with sensitive skin and then spray with BIOSOL. Not only will it eliminate fleas and ticks, it will also remove odor. When camping or out on a picnic use the BIOSOL 5:1 with some ECOPURE [10:1] for those stubborn ants, scorpions, and any other nasty insects by spraying around blankets, benches, etc. as well as yourself [on your body]. Spray diluted BIOSOL onto [cold] light bulbs to keep those pesky bugs away at night!

  • Salmonella, Staph, Ecoli and Strep
    Make sure your drawer handles, telephones, bathroom fixtures, diaper pails, garbage pails, toys, kitchen surfaces, cutting boards, etc. are regularly wiped down with BIOSOL.

  • New Car Blues
    Do you have some paint transference on your car door because someone lost control of theirs in the parking lot? How about difficult-to-remove road tar or road paint? What about tree sap? These will disappear with straight BIOSOL on a clean rag. Just rinse well afterward. For the not so new cars you can use diluted BIOSOL [of 5:1] on those greasy engines. Spray onto a cold engine and let set for 15 min and hose off.

  • Pet Boxes/Odors
    Get rid of those unpleasant odors quickly with a few shots of diluted BIOSOL. If your dog or cat gets sprayed by a skunk just shampoo with cool water and CONDITIONING SHAMPOO then rinse. Wash again, adding a few drops of BioSol to shampoo solution. Dry and spray lightly with BIOSOL at 5:1. This will also help wounds from animals fighting. Great for hot spots on dogs too!

  • House Deodorant
    A few quick sprays around the house with BIOSOL will leave your house smelling clean and fresh. Keep a small bottle with BIOSOL diluted 5:1 in the bathroom for those heavy smells that occur every so often! It doesn't cover them up, it gets rid of the smells! Pour a capful of BIOSOL down your drain once a week to remove sink odor.

  • Caught a Cold?
    Fill your vaporizer or humidifier and add a teaspoon of BIOSOL. This will cut down on mold and mildew formation in your machine and also open up bronchial passages and allow you or your child to sleep.

  • Athlete's Foot, Foot Odor, & Plantars Warts
    Soak feet each day in a tub of water with BIOSOL added. Follow with Pure TEA TREE OIL. Bacteria can cause Bromidrosis.

  • Sticky Labels
    On windows or other glass will come off easily if first sprayed with BIOSOL. Give it a few minutes to penetrate, then peel it right off. This also works great for crayon marks as well. This will also remove permanent markers from the whiteboards and ink stains from the carpet and clothing.

  • Removing Wallpaper
    This works better than expensive wallpaper removers. Dilute BIOSOL at 20:1 with hot water in a spray bottle, spray it on and let it penetrate for a few minutes then scrape it off. It works great.

  • Carpet Cleaning
    When you clean your carpet with ECOPURE and POW! be sure to add a teaspoon of BIOSOL to the machine's reservoir. You can be sure to get rid of odor causing bacteria this way. Other uses for BioSol: Sunburned? Spray BIOSOL 5:1 to take out the burn. Cut flowers and that fresh Christmas Tree will last longer when BIOSOL is added to the water. A few drops of BIOSOL full strength with a little POW will make your Coffee Pot sparkle! Damp Cleaning Rags, Swim Suits, Towels Try putting a little BIOSOL into your wash to get rid of that smelly, stale odor.



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